The Law Office of PATRICIA S. PHELAN






The Law Office of Patricia S. Phelan is dedicated exclusively to helping parents of children with special needs obtain appropriate educational services for their children.


      Our services include:


                + Analysis of your legal options;

                + Preparation for IEP meetings;

                + Working together with educational and medical professionals to determine appropriate recommendations for a child’s IEP;

                + Assisting families in getting appropriate public educational services for their children;

                + Attendance at IEP meetings;

                + Attendance at Resolution Sessions;

                + Negotiations with school districts;

                + Preparation of letters – to school district, evaluators, etc.; and

                + All aspects of mediation and/or due process proceedings.


       It is also our priority to help families understand their rights with respect to navigating the special education        system.




      Therefore, the Resources and Links on our web site includes information on:


                + Articles relating to special education and disabilities;

                + Special education caselaw;

                + Statutes and regulations;

                + Autism related web sites;

                + Web sites related to other disabilities and special education issues;

                + Books for adults and children relating to special education and disabilities;

                + Helpful phone numbers




     What to Expect at an Initial Consultation:



    Prior to our first meeting, if there is enough time, I might ask you to fill out and send me an Intake Packet [DOWNLOADABLE HERE IN PDF. FORMAT]. This form will help give me as much information as possible about your child’s educational situation. This will best help me analyze your child’s options under the law during our initial meeting.


    During our first meeting, if you have not already given me the information, I will ask for copies of your child’s Individual Education Program (“IEP”) and recent evaluations or progress notes. We will talk about your child’s present situation and needs. You will tell me what you want for your child. Given the information I have at that point, I will explain your legal options. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Please remember that I will not be able to guarantee any certain result.



    Our initial meeting often takes place in your home. This gives me the opportunity to meet your child in a relaxed and familiar setting for him or her. There is a flat fee for my initial consultation. Payment is expected at the time of our initial meeting. This meeting will usually last about 1 ½ hours.



    During the initial meeting, I will also review with you my standard fee agreement. Following this initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to formally retain my firm to represent you and your child. My formal representation begins once I receive from you both a signed standard fee agreement and the retainer fee.






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