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Social Skills and Photography

As you know, many students with disabilities – – particularly those on the Spectrum – – tend to have social skill deficits and benefit from visually presented information.  The attached set of five photographs entitled “The Gift” taken by my dear friend and very talented photographer Blake Robinson provides a short and sweet visual story of friendship which I encourage you to share with your children. By viewing these five photographs together, and perhaps roll playing to generalize the skills thereafter, we can encourage our children to interpret facial expressions, talk about emotions and feelings, and learn important social skills concepts including reciprocity and sharing.

Please go to the following link and scroll down to: the gift: 2 girls, 5 pictures, one sweet story! dated May 30, 2010 and take this creative opportunity to work on social skills with your son, daughter, grandchild, student, etc.  Enjoy!

And if you are in the market for a new family portrait, graduation, birthday or wedding portrait or corporate pictures, to name a few, do not hesitate to contact Blake Robinson: and learn more about Blake’s work at: D0n’t forget Father’s Day is just around the corner and photographs make a great gift!


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